We consider Cultural Heritage from a global point of view, from which we provide a three-sided answer: 

To reach a rigourous and useful knowledge
Conservation and suitable use
Dissemination of cultural values


The analysis is the first step towards the conservation of cultural heritage. An integrated and transverse analysis, that allows the continuous relationship between the different knowledge areas, in order to reach global and consistent results while optimizing the resources. The analysis provides an integrated diagnosys, which is the most effective basis for a preventive maintenance.

  1. Graphic documentation and 3D models
  2. Archaeology of architecture
  3. Integrated diagnosis for conservation


An adequate management is the main basis for an efficient conservation of cultural heritage. It must be focused on the suitable use of historical buildings and the revitalization of historical quartiers, promoting the local development tha provides social, economic and cultural benefit. Search for resources and development of selfmanageable and feasible models.

  1. Digital information management using BIM models
  2. Restoration projects
  3. Conservation masterplans
  4. Strategies for the territorial development and revitalization


The dissemination closes the cultural heritage value chain, promoting the critical knowledge, the comprehension and the enjoyment of cultural goods. It is based on a rigourous analysis to reach, using the suitable and attractive educational resources, to the whole population: culture for the society.

  1. Design and generation of specific contents for communication and musealisation
  2. Cultural dissemination using technologies of information and communication
  3. Education for the analysis and conservation of cultural heritage
  4. Scientific dissemination