URBE pro ORBE is an initiative whose objective is to provide solutions within the frame of cultural heritage, promoting it as a resource for the social, economic and cultural development of the cities and the territories.

Cultural heritage is the legacy of cultural property of a group or society that are inherited from past generati ons, maintained in the present and bestowed for the benefi t of future generati ons.

The preservation of cultural values is a responsibility of current society, but, at the same time, cultural goods are powerful resources for the development of such society.

Cultural industries, tourism and spreading of culture are even more consolidated as powerful engines for development, and they generate sustainable and efficient economic models.


CULTURAL HERITAGE can be understood as:

• Set of values:
   Historical values (historical documents)
   Artistic values
   Architectonical, constructive and structural values
   Social and etnographical values
   Handcraft ed values, trades, traditional values
   Identitary values

• Within the context of the territory an society that it belongs to:
   Culture + Territory + Society

• Potential generating element of development and value (social, cultural and economic benefit) by means of:
   - Analysis and study: knowledge and diffusion
   - Conservation (preservation of cultural values)
   - Putting in value and suitable use

the city for the world...
the culture for the society…

urbe. (From Latin urbs, -bis).
1. f. City, especially that one which is very populous.

orbe. (From Latin orbis).
1. m. Roundness or circle.
2. m. Earthly or heavenly sphere.
3. m. World (whole group of created things).